Tickets for the upcoming party:


'Chill & Fuck Sunday'

This is an All-inclusive-party. The price is fixed and includes all normal party expences.  You will have no extra costs to pay during the party.

Ticket Includes: Entrance fee - Coat check - Breakfast buffet - Drinks and more*

Pre-sale: 220 DKK per person.


**) When available!

Your ticket is a Private QR-code. It will be send to your mail-address or to your phone number. (You must down load the QR-code to your mobile phone. We will scan your QR-code at the door to the party) 



In general, the entrance fee (the ticket) must be purchased in advance but sales at the door do happen ocasently.

The price per ticket varies as time moves closer to an upcoming party.

- Cheapest tickets are the Early Bird ticket’s which are sold from the day a new party is announced (5-6 weeks before).

- Most, expensive are the tickets sold at the door (Please note that tickets are seldom sold at the door. See conditions under each individual party).

The announced ticket price is in Danish kroner:

1 EUR = 7,50 DKK 

1 DKK = 0,14 EUR

Paying for Tickets:

Tickets can be payed in several ways. Shose between MobilePay, PayPal or via a simple Bank Transfer.

Foreingers and other guests who do not have MobilePay may use PayPal or a Bank transfer. Buy your ticket in good time. We will do our best to confirm your purchage by SMS or in an email. The confirmation can take us up to a week to handlle. It is adviced that you keep a copy (a screen shot) of your purchase. 

You can either pick up your ticket at Carsten's house a week (7 days) before a party (call us for a convenient pick-up time) or you can pick up your ticket directly at the door when you arrive at the party. The doorman will have your ticket(s) in an envelope with your name (the name of the person who paid the tickets) written on it. 

People who pick up their tickets in advance may save some waiting time at the door when arriving to a party.

MobilePay: When buying tickets via MobilePay then it is important that we know who you are: If you use a ‘nickname’ in your MobilePay-set-up, then please remember to write your real name in the mobilepay-message-box.
If you buy tickets for your friends via your MobilePay, then please make sure to write all the names of the ones you pay for in the message box.

PayPal: Foreingers have the choice to pay by PayPal via Emrah's Paypal-account at:

Bank transfer: If you do not have access to MobilePay or PayPal you may use a bank to bank transfer. Please note that a bank transfer may take up to 3-4 workdays before the money reaches our account. Please write the full name of each person you buy a ticket for.

Our bank informations are:

Carsten Appel - Christians Bygge 30, 5 - 1559 Copenhagen V - Denmak


IBAN:    DK9130003147013388