How we party at the upcoming Pride party 2023:


'Chill & Fuck Sunday'

Special information for this years Sommerfesten:

This years Sommerfesten differs from all our prior summer parties as it contains only an After-party. The party does not start in the early evening as normal. This party begins in the early morning at 7 o'clock and goes on all day, Sunday. 

You can still dance all day at the dance floor on the 5th floor and also both tan and chill on the roof terrace or play with your lovers in the upstairs dark rooms.

                 See what you will be missing here under (see text: Part 1)



What kind of party is it?

Both the SOMMERFESTEN and THE NEW YEAR’S PARTY are dance parties for gay boys and gay girls and other cool people who love to dance.


Who comes to the parties?
We invite all our hot and sexy friends as well as their friends. It is a private party, and all guests are individually invited (an invitation is required).

  • Guests who have an invitation can request to bring friends to the party.

Who is invited and how to get invited?
Our Stam-guests are always invited. Other guests are invited via a Face-Book-Event, via Messenger, or directly by either a SMS or an e-mail. All party participants, both the hosts, the volunteer-workers, the DJs, the registered guests and their invites, must show their invitation at the door when arriving to a party. The name written on the invitation must match the same name found on our ‘guest-mailing-lists’.


What happens at our parties?
Our parties are in general always two parties in one.

- 1) A dance session (ex. ´The Gay Dance, or The Pride Dance).

- 2) An Afterparty (ex. 'The Chill & F*ck Sunday').

Our parties are known to lasts for well over 2 days…

  • Part 1:
  • "The Pride Dance" is held in our lounges facing toward HC Andersen Blvd. It is a hot and wild dance party. A variety of professional Danish and international DJs spin music throughout the night. The tunes and the rhythm are gradually buildup by the hour going from a ‘light’ Happy House to a deep ‘Berliner’ Techno. Guests can relax in the nearby lounges or enjoy a quiet night on the roof terrace.
  • Part 2:
  • "The Chill & F*ck Sunday" takes place outdoor at the Roof Terrace on the 6th floor. The music is tuned to chill you. Just lay back and enjoy the sun and the music while sipping cold drinks all day.


An intire section of our house is converted in to a play-arear.

Throughout the party you can sleaze it up or make love to your sweetheart in the dark room or in one of the playrooms offered.

Private ‘Rooms-by-the-hour’ are sometimes available on demand.



The names of the DJs are announced a few weeks before kickoff.

At the After Party an open DJ-station is often offered to DJs who wish to perform for free for 1 or 2 hours.

The open DJ-station starts in afternoon: 13:00-17:00. The music is by ‘choice and mood’ of the playing DJ

Do you want to give it a try? Then text Carsten on +4540509107


How to bring a friend:

Only guests who have attended a passed party can request to bring friends to the party. The request must be done by e-mail to: - All new guests must be approved by a host.

Please send us: The full name and the emails address of the person you wish to bring with you to the party. The request to bring a friend must be done no later than 24 hours before a party.


Dress code:

Topless, swimwear, fetish, and leather, as well as costumes, extravagance, and drag. Nudity is fully allowed and acceptable. Footwear is required at all times.  Please check each individual party for dresscode suggestions.  


Good to bring:

An open mind and a helpful spirit, as well as: sun-protection, cash, lube, cigarettes, phone charger, and energy.


Good to know:

The entrance will close for new arrivals on Sunday at 11:30 AM. Make sure you arrive before we close the doors.


Volunteer work:

We need around 20 Volunteer workers to help us with a party. Friends of us who offer their free work for 3 hours will be rewarded with a free entry ticket as well as drinks for free while working. Volunteers can choose to help us either before the party, during the party or after the party: Do you want to help?

Please, text Carsten Appel to offer your help.

SMS: +45 40509107